Top 10 Scary Movies (:

Hey guys! So, I just LOOVE a good scary movie! I’ve combined a list of the ten best scary movies I’ve seen. (: ENJOY!

10.  A Haunting in Connecticut

 This movie isn’t like SUPER SCARY or anything, but it’s definitely a cool story. Apparently it’s “based on a true story,” but we all know what that means.

9. The Eye


I loove this movie! It’s a great story, but again not HORRIFYINGLY scary.

8. Disturbia

This movie wasn’t all that scary, but the acting was AMAZING and it’s story was so good!

7. The Stangers

This is probably like the most jumpy movie I’ve ever seen.

6. Insidious

This movie was really cool, not too scary. (in my opinion)

5. The Uninvited

The acting in this movie was PHENOMENAL! It had a really neat story, too.

4. The House of the Devil

I loved this movie! It’s on Netflix instant streaming, so that’s why I watched it. In the last 12 minutes…Something hilarious happens and it jus made me abesolutely LOVE this movie! AHAHA 

3. Frozen

I wouldn’t really consider this a scary movie at all. It’s about these people who get stuck 50 ft up on a ski lift on the coldest day of the year. They shut down the ski resort and it’s not open again until Sunday.

2. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I don’t know about you, but this movie sorta freaked me out.

1. Paranormal Activity 2

The first time I saw this movie, I was like, “that was boring! Not even scary..smh” . But then, I watched it on my brothers big screen TV with surround sound, it was AMAZING.

I hope you liked this list. If you’d like more scary movie review posts, post me a comment! Love you guys! (;



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